Bay Area Commercial Photographer Drew Bird

I’m a visual storyteller based in San Francisco. I love traveling the world, exploring new spaces, and collaborating with clients to transform ideas into photo stories. I’m available to travel – everywhere on Earth.

I see the world in photographs — angles of energy, lines of perspective, the beauty of expression. I seek out subtle glimpses of brilliance other people might pass by: the slight turn of a head, the blink of an eye, the warm reflection of light on an empty street. Still images help us all to understand the story of our experience and to communicate a story that words alone cannot convey.

I create images using an approach that blends a journalistic and editorial style — documenting real, authentic moments in a natural, candid, and artistic way. I also love creating unique, delicious and passionate portraits.

My clientele ranges from brands and corporations to magazines, advertising agencies, universities, independent schools, non-profits, foundations, record labels, weddings and people in search of professional and powerful photography.

When not traveling for a photo assignment, I live in Oakland, CA with my sweet-lady Zoom and a little lemon tree in the backyard.

My commercial photography site is here. To see more about my wedding photojournalism click here.

Recent Projects